Toddler Activities: DIY Outdoor Water Play

Part of the struggle for many stay at home mom’s is maintaining a schedule. You can read more about what my little and my schedule looks like here. So on the second half of our day I try to incorporate a fun activity that promotes learning. This one is quick, easy, and cheap. Everything can be sourced from your local grocery store of Family Dollar.

What You’ll Need:

  • A plasticnbucket or plastic basket
  • Water
  • Sponges of Various Colors (cut into shapes)

That’s it!

As he plays, I tell him the various shapes and colors he’s picking up. It’s also fun if you add some tear-free soap to the water to make bubbles. Our community pool has closed for the fall so it’s also a great way to stay cool by splashing in some water. We then watered the porch plants with the water together when it was time to clean everything up.

He loves it!


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