Fall Decor Reveal

It might be 95 degrees out, but it’s fall over at our house.  Fall is legit my favorite season.  I’m kinda bummed that Georgia isn’t allowing me to get adequate time enjoying all 4 seasons this year.  Here’s hoping that the temperature rapidly drops.

….I mean I have a whole pumpkin patch outfit picked out and everything!

Here’s my kitchen 

Up-close picture of my island decor.  I play with pops of color throughout my kitchen.  I’ve added reds, burnt orange, and mustard colors.

I make a point to always have something hanging on my pantry door.  

My motto for this season.  Hung this under my vent hood this year.  Is this a fire hazard? I was gifted this from one of my bestie gals last year.

I like to keep the decor on our kitchen table simple since we eat all our meals here.  

My home uses a lot of neutral tones as well so I opted for simple white pumpkins and ivy on the fireplace mantle.

And a picture of our front door from last year.  I plan to add to this with maybe 1,000 more pumpkins.  You can never have to many 😉

Product Source List:

1.  Wreaths—custom made wreaths created for me by Kreations by Kimiko

2.  Pumpkin Spice Everything Cutting Board—-Target

3.  Kitchen Table Centerpiece—all pieces were purchased from Target (minus the pumpkins)

4.  Island Centerpiece—all pieces were purchased from the At Home Store (minus the farmhouse tray)

5.  Pantry Wreath—created by me using products from Hobby Lobby

6.  Cake Stand—Homegoods

7.  Fireplace Mantle—At Home Store


New Blog. Same T.

So I’ve run a blog before.  Matter of fact, the blog I ran was getting quite popular.  It had a pretty solid following, and I even had a bi-weekly segment on an AM radio show here in Atlanta.  Then something strange happened.  I matured and abandoned that blog.   For a long time I didn’t know why I couldn’t bring myself to write on that blog anymore.  Then I realized, that blog just wasn’t me anymore.  I am not ashamed of the old blog, because it does have great content.  It just happens to be a body of work that began in 2009 and is representative of a woman with the same primary interest of most 20-somethings: drinking and partying, a few social issues, and cussing more than using my vocabulary.  I’m a currently a 30-something wife and stay at home mom so my interest have changed greatly.  Don’t get me wrong, my mouth still needs a bit of soap.  I still drink, but just like my age, my palate has evolved.  Cheap club drinks in plastic cups with questionable limes have been replaced with smoked bourbon and Italian reds.  Party nights have turned to dinner parties, event passes, play dates, and mommy and me field trips.  Blog topics on dating have turned into more of journalistic pieces on navigating motherhood, being a wife, and transitioning from a career outside the home to a stay at home mother who has started a fledgling new business.   What I’m trying to say is, this new blog is representative of my evolution.  So I’m bringing it here to you guys today.  #Tservestea

Toddler Activities: DIY Outdoor Water Play

Part of the struggle for many stay at home mom’s is maintaining a schedule. You can read more about what my little and my schedule looks like here. So on the second half of our day I try to incorporate a fun activity that promotes learning. This one is quick, easy, and cheap. Everything can be sourced from your local grocery store of Family Dollar.

What You’ll Need:

  • A plasticnbucket or plastic basket
  • Water
  • Sponges of Various Colors (cut into shapes)

That’s it!

As he plays, I tell him the various shapes and colors he’s picking up. It’s also fun if you add some tear-free soap to the water to make bubbles. Our community pool has closed for the fall so it’s also a great way to stay cool by splashing in some water. We then watered the porch plants with the water together when it was time to clean everything up.

He loves it!